Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

Mouse Proof Brewery

Beer: Your link to the land

We are a craft beer brewery in Toowoomba with strong links to regions and agriculture.

The Brewery

Toowoomba’s craft beer destination

Welcome to the brewery where we seek to connect you to the land through something the majority of us have in common. Beer. We’ve been proudly serving the finest craft brews and pub fare to Toowoomba locals since 2019.

Buy delicious beer

Old news and seasonal brews

Browse MP classics alongside our latest experiments. Toowoomba’s freshest beer (and merch) delivered to your doorstep.

Events at Mouse Proof

Live and upcoming

Venue hire

The best kind of shindigs…

… have legit craft beer on tap. The Mouse Proof worker gremlins have created the ideal space for your next Christmas party, corporate function, wedding reception, or whatever excuse you’re using to get together with mates.

Our story

Great people.
Great beverages.

Mouse Proof is what happens when a bunch of high quality humans get together behind a vision for proper craft beer and authentic community.

Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba