Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

No white walls

Mouse Proof Arts Collective

Where the other half of Toowoomba’s arts community hangs out.

The year is 2020. Everyone’s favourite little round spiky virus came to Australia. The country shut down and our artists were hit harder than most. In this hour of need… the Mouse Proof Arts Collective (MPAC) was born.

What is it?

Culture lives here

Art is good for society. Unfortunately, unless you’re part of a very small percentage of creatives, most of society isn’t too interested in what you do. Enter Mouse Proof. The brewery is a gathering place, and our vision is to create a space for the kind of art that doesn’t usually go in a white walled gallery.

Who is it for?

The wrong kind of artists

The Arts Collective already supports creatives who play the wrong kind of music, paint the wrong kind of paintings, dress in medieval gear and fight each other, and some others that are kind of hard to explain. If you do something cool, quirky, and different, we’d love to connect you with an audience who are into alternative vibes.

Where is it going?

The future

Community feeds culture, and culture feeds community. Our vision is to create a space where culture and community thrive, with freedom to explore what happens when expectations and art diverge.

Call to arms

If you’re up to something cool in Toowoomba, we want to know about it! We can’t promise everyone will get a gig but we are keen to build a creative community with the brewery as its home. Reach out and we’d love to connect.

Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba