Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

The brewery, the myth, the legend

Our story

From a Darling Downs shed to a Toowoomba city brewpub, it’s more than a brewery; it’s a community hub.

In 2018, the idea for Mouse Proof Brewery sprouted during a spirited debate among our soil scientists and an agricultural supply chain economist. The concept of decommodifying food and fiber led us to the thought of opening a craft malt house. However, the capital required to prove this point was quite hefty, and let’s face it, brewing beer seemed like a lot more fun. Thus, the idea of a craft brewery was born.

Fast forward to early 2019, and we found ourselves in a farm shed near Aubigny on the Darling Downs, brewing beer every Thursday after work on a 52 L three-vessel pilot system acquired from the Gang of Four brewery in inner Sydney. Two years of brewing in this little shed followed until an unexpected win at the 2020 Queensland Amateur Brewing Championship for our Lime and White Pepper Gose urged us to consider commercial sales.

Originally planning for a destination-style brewery at the farm, regulations prompted a search for a new space. In 2021, we stumbled upon the old Dairy Farmers precinct in Toowoomba, falling in love with its heritage and industrial charm. Now nestled in a building erected between 1900 and 1905, our industrial canvas became a space where we aimed to do justice and stick to our purpose statement: “Beer. Your link to the land.”

Amidst the challenges of starting a new business during the mid-covid era, our business plan shifted. Focusing on the taproom and constantly changing beer offerings became our priority, cultivating a hyper-local approach. By 2022, live music, community services, and a reputation as the home of blues were defining features of Mouse Proof Brewery. In 2023, the Mouse Proof Arts Collective expanded our cultural offerings, and with our head brewer Daniel Pinto, we fine-tuned recipes and introduced the Mouse Proof Bitter as our number one seller.

Our chef, Brendan Spooner, gained acclaim for his mouth-watering creations, and as we continue developing our entertainment space and new commercial brewery, we’re eager to see what the future holds. From spirited debates to award-winning brews, Mouse Proof Brewery is not just a place for great beer; it’s a community hub, a cultural space, and a celebration of all things local and craft. Cheers to the journey, and here’s to what lies ahead.

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Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba

Mouse Proof Brewery Toowoomba